What We Do

One of our founding principles 25 years ago was – and remains – to treat people as people not as commodities in our chosen niche of HR recruitment.

So you will find us approachable, available, knowledgeable and happy to share.

Niche and nice

By name and nature. We seek to consult, understand and collaborate to deliver great results.

So you will know that as partners we tread the same path.


We are honest, transparent, values driven and we do what we say we are going to do.

So you can trust us to act unequivocally on your behalf and in your interests.


With an average of 18 years HR recruitment experience each, we really have seen it all and are equipped to deal with whatever the market or our Clients throw at us.

So when you work with us you get access to all that experience through one contact point.

Knowledgeable about Our Market

As the average tenure of each consultant at Consult-HR is 15 years, we offer rock solid stability and whomever you talked to 5 years ago is almost certainly still here.

So all the history and understanding built up over the years is instantly accessible.


Part of our ethos is to allow each other to be ourselves within our framework of values.

So the responses you will get from us will be individual, natural and real. What you see is what you get. No gobbledegook. No hidden agendas.



Our network, built up over 25 years, stretches into every major business and organisation in the UK and plenty beyond.

So we can facilitate access for you not only to the active job seeker market but also the greatly sought after passive market.

Strongly Networked


We leave no stone unturned in our drive to deliver results and have gained the reputation of being able to deliver right fit even when hard to find.

So you can be sure that we will stay with you right to the end, even in the most challenging circumstances.

High Touch

We believe that as ambassadors for your business and brand, we should act in a way that keeps all interested parties informed, connected and engaged.

So your Employee Value Proposition will be completely safe with us.

Objective in Our Judgement

It’s all very well to have all that knowledge and all our network, but it is our selection skills and our professional judgement that set us apart. We really do know what good looks like.

So you won’t have to spend hours interviewing people who are just not right.

Focused on Right Fit

For us this is the holy grail. If the fit is wrong the chance of success in role is negligible. When it’s right, all things are possible.

People who “fit” in your organisation will be able to integrate quickly, navigate the organisation, partner with leaders, influence decisions, make a difference and improve or even transform business effectiveness and performance. And they’ll probably stay. That’s real value for money.

Exceeding Expectations

This is why we are here doing what we do at Consult-HR and using all the tools and principles we have described. It makes us feel special, but more importantly it delivers results again and again and again.